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15 chapters in 11 countries




WhatsApp:  $wocpscn

Your membership allows you to develop a WOCPSCN initiative for your community.  


Community Investor  Member                                                                      $2,000

  • Your ability to build local discussions under WOCPSCN.

  • Through WOCPSCN, the ability to partner with local organizations.

  • You can be considered a sponsor for international and local programs.

  • You can present your professional platform during a WOCSPCN Master Class.

  • You can be considered a guest host for our Podcast series.

Professional Member                                                                                         $250

  • Local WOCPSCN spokesperson

  • Free registration for the WOCPSCN Master Class Advocacy Program


JazzyJZ Member                                                                                                  $45         

  • Discounts for all JazzyJZ initiatives

  • Two (2) Free registration for the WOCPSCN Master Class Advocacy Program


  • Certificate of Support/Volunteering



WhatsApp:  $wocpscn

Global Guardian Partnership   (Select Your Initiative)              $5,000

  • Urban Gurl/Suburban Swurl is our global Initiative that increases self-confidence and leadership skills in girls through sports.

  • Walking In Silence for the Silenced: Domestic Violence Solidarity Walk has international participation for bringing awareness to domestic violence.

  • The Honoree Lavender Luncheon is our academic fundraiser that honors persons of educational excellence.

GSP Partnership                                                                                      $4,000

  • Global Sustainability Partnerships Monthly Convene aims to maintain global alliances, discuss community projects, and enhance global sustainability.

  • The B4B: Business 4 Business Networking & Job Fair are local chapter events that enhance small business growth and community sustainability.

  • AM Power Networking is a monthly local chapter gathering that maintains community socioeconomic sustainability by supporting local small businesses.

Community-Builder  Partnership                                                   $3,500

  • The Queen Nzinga Project is a spa day for domestic violence survivors, local beauty salons support this event through community donations.

  • Women of African Diaspora Griots are local WOCPSCN literacy programs that are nationally supported.

  • The Lena Baker Domestic Violence & Women's Health Summit is an annual hybrid event held the last week in October.

  • JazzyJZ Mentoring and Networking

  • WOCPSCN Master Class Advocacy Program. instructed by our global leaders, this program will enhance your understanding of community sustainability and advocacy practices. 

Patreon Membership

Community-Building Partners
Pillar Two:  Women's Health

Community-Building Partners
Pillar Four:  Global Sustainability

Community-Building Partners
Pillar Three:  Education

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