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WhatsApp:  $wocpscn

Your membership allows you to develop a WOCPSCN initiative for your community.  


Community Investor  Member                                                                      $2,000

  • Your ability to build local discussions under WOCPSCN.

  • Through WOCPSCN, the ability to partner with local organizations.

  • You can be considered a sponsor for international and local programs.

  • You can present your professional platform during a WOCSPCN Master Class.

  • You can be considered a guest host for our Podcast series.

Professional Member                                                                                         $250

  • Local WOCPSCN spokesperson

  • Free registration for the WOCPSCN Master Class Advocacy Program


JazzyJZ Member                                                                                                  $45         

  • Discounts for all JazzyJZ initiatives

  • Two (2) Free registration for the WOCPSCN Master Class Advocacy Program


  • Certificate of Support/Volunteering


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WhatsApp:  $wocpscn

Global Guardian Partnership   (Select Your Initiative)              $5,000

  • Urban Gurl/Suburban Swurl is our global Initiative that increases  self-confidence and leadership skills in girls through sports.

  • Walking In Silence for the Silenced: Domestic Violence Solidarity Walk has international participation for bringing awareness to domestic violence.

  • The Honoree Lavender Luncheon is our academic fundraiser that honors persons of educational excellence.

GSP Partnership                                                                                      $4,000

  • Global Sustainability Partnerships Monthly Convene aims to maintain global alliances, discuss community projects, and enhance global sustainability.

  • The B4B: Business 4 Business Networking & Job Fair are local chapter events that enhance small business growth and community sustainability.

  • AM Power Networking is a monthly local chapter gathering that maintains community socioeconomic sustainability by supporting local small businesses.

Community-Builder  Partnership                                                   $3,500

  • The Queen Nzinga Project is a  spa day for domestic violence survivors, local beauty salons support this event through community donations.

  • Women of African Diaspora Griots are local WOCPSCN literacy programs that are nationally supported.

  • The Lena Baker Domestic Violence & Women's Health Summit is an annual hybrid event held the last week in October.

  • JazzyJZ Mentoring and Networking

  • WOCPSCN Master Class Advocacy Program. instructed by our global leaders, this program will enhance your understanding of community sustainability and advocacy practices. 

WOCPSCN membership is open to all applicants who support our mission and goals without

regard to race, religion/creed, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual preference, or identity.


Your donations/ sponsorships will support our vision toward gender equity and equality.

 You can also consider our Patreon Membership. 

We invite you to be a part of the WOCPSCN community.   

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Community-Building Partners
Pillar Two:  Women's Health

Community-Building Partners
Pillar Four:  Global Sustainability

Community-Building Partners
Pillar Three:  Education

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