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Board of Trustees

Loretta Green-Williams

WOCPSCN Founder | Senior Editor | Postcolonial Theorist
Certified Human Rights Advocate | Ordained Minister

 New York, New York

Loretta Green-Williams is the WOCPSCN founder and Chief Executive Director.  She is a Cultural Anthropologist with over fifty years of entrepreneurial and community advocacy experience.   With certifications as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and Inyanger yoga instructor, Loretta designed "Lo's Aero" which focused on women's health and fitness.  She then transferred her skill sets to develop Green-Williams & Associates, a boutique business development organization.  Academically, she has an ABD status in Social and Cultural Anthropology and a Humanities master's degree in Consciousness and Transformation from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). She holds a master's degree in Sport Management and a Bachelor's in Sociology with certification in Ethnic Studies from the University of San Francisco (USF).  She is certified as an Innovation Island Ambassador, and Institute of Intercommunications in Mindful Management Negotiations, at Seattle Pacific University.  She has a Human Rights Advocate certification from the US Diplomacy and Human Rights Institute, a Global Goodwill Ambassador certification; a member of the Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation; a Nonprofit Board Member Essentials certificate, and she is an ordained-licensed minister under the National Association of Christian Ministers. She is the past president of the Pan African Chamber of Commerce, South Africa, and former Executive Director for the Ethiopian Cultural Community Center, Oakland, CA. Loretta is the founder of the University of San Francisco's Sister Connection and the Caribbean Diaspora Professional and Business Association. 

 As a grant recipient from the New Jersey Historical Commission, Loretta's current research project is the lives of Southern New Jersey African American communities.  with her daughter, filmmaker Dana Verde, Loretta is the co-founder of Caribeme Magazine and author/producer of Caribeme: New Yorkers of the Caribbean Diaspora documentary.  She is also the 2023 University of San Francisco's Fr. Stephen A. Privett Living the Mission Award recipient.

     INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL                                                 

      Dr. Barbara Mark 

      Dr. Neil Parsans 

      Ms. Dana Verde  

      Ambassador Dr. Neil Parson

      Dr. Adrienne Jackson

      Dr. Melida Harris Barrow

      Ms. Emilie Genest

     * Mr. Brett Hartt

     * Mr. Devon McNairy

     * Ms. LaTanya McGlory

     * Ms. Sheniece Presley - Intern

     * Mr. Teddy Silva - Intern

*International Sports Opportunity Committee


Ms. Agustina Zahrotul Jannah, GSP Vice-President

Sec. Gen. Ediola Pashollari 

Ms. Pooja Tilvawala 

Mr. Hesham Elsayed Eissa 

Ms. Sophie Medlin 

Ms. Larissa Mills 

*Prof. Geoff Thompson 

Mr. Lafayette Hamilton 

Ms. Tina Greenbaum

Dr. Benno Werlen

Ms. Dana Amhed

Mr. Remy Chukwunyere

Ms. Gabreila Jaeger

Dr. Roger Achar

Ms. Zerah Waang

Ms. Madeline Musa

Ms. Syafa Nandita Defa Nuranti

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